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Ben Bruckner
Ben TheSnakeInParadise
First seen in:
Mixed Blessings
All appearances
Main aliases:
"The Professor", "Zen Ben" (by Brian)
Date of birth:
College professor
Main actor:
Robert Gant

Benjamin Bruckner is one of the main characters on the American cable show Queer as Folk, on Showtime.

Ben became a main character during season two, when he is the first customer in Michael Novotny's comic book store. The two begin to date, but Michael decides to stop after finding out that Ben is HIV positive. After several failed attempts at dating other men, Michael realizes he loves Ben, and that he will have to accept his HIV status.

As a couple, Michael and Ben have their fair share of fights. In one episode, Michael is upset after learning that Brian Kinney had a one night stand with Ben. A story arc involved Ben turning to steroids after learning that the man who gave him HIV died, which led to Michael threatening to infect himself with Ben's used needle in order to get Ben to stop.

When Michael and Justin get a deal for their movie, Ben becomes extremely envious, mainly because his book can't get published. Michael also experiences some reservations with Ben wanting to keep Hunter at their house, but eventually Michael grows to accept Hunter and the couple later legally adopt him in the series finale.

During the fourth season, Ben and Michael are in Toronto, Ontario in Canada for the start of the Liberty Ride. On the bus ride up to Canada, Ben asks Michael to be his husband. The two get married, and they experience trouble in returning to the United States as their marriage will not be recognized once they return. Ben and Michael had applied for re-entry in to the States on single form as spouses. They were told that they had to fill out two forms. Michael's mother Debbie was next in line and took it upon herself to tell the customs officer off in her own special way.[statement unclear]

In season 5, Ben and Michael move house, to a traditional street and Brian accuses them of being 'conformist homosexuals'. This does not matter to the couple, who are proud of their new home and two children. However, this does not last long as after Hunter's HIV status is revealed at school and his ex-girlfriend gets another boyfriend, he leaves home. Ben becomes extremely distraught and angry with both Michael and himself, until they receive an e-mail from Hunter a few weeks later. Ben tirelessly parades to stop 'proposition 14', which will take away all gay rights.

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