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Daphne at prom in season 1.

Daphne Chanders
Portrayed by Makyla Smith.
Episode Count 28.
Orientation Straight

Daphne Chanders is a fictional character on showtimes 'Queer As Folk'. She is portrayed by Makyla Smith.

Daphne Chanders is Justin Taylor's best friend and appears on the show from the pilot onwards, in a limited role. She claims she could tell Justin was gay and that is why she was not surprised when Justin told her about him and Brian. Daphne only has a relationship in the show with Justin, and none of the other characters.. except for the few times her and Brian speak, in which he tends to give her compliments. Although Daphne is a character that is not main nor reccuring, she has come up enough so that the audience really does like her, just as a person, and as Justins best friend.

Season 1

The season Daphne appears in the most is the first season. With Justin at school, at her house, at Justin's house, goes to Babylon with him, asks him to take her virginity (which he does), at her work, in the Liberty Diner, and is his prom date. She also is the one who tells Brian, Emmett, Ted and Michael that Justin ran away to NYC.

Season 2

Daphne is in the beginning of the second season, helping Justin with his physical therapy after being bashed. She also drives him out to go find Brian. Daphne shows up again when her and Justin were getting high, walking into Brian's loft seeing Brian with yet another trick... and again when she was at a party... When Justin sleeps with a guy his own age. Last two times she is seen in this season is when Her and Justin talk about Ethan, and when she goes to the party at Babylon, in the season finale.

Season 3

In the second episode of this season, you see Daphne with Justin and Ethan, talking.. then again in episode 6 when Ethan introduces Justin as his cousin and Daphne as his girlfriend.. to hide his sexuality. She is seen breifly in episode 7. The last she is seen in season 3 is episode 11, where she helps Justin in his fight against Jim Stockwell and his campagin.

Season 4

Daphne is seen in the third episode of this season, speaking with Justin about the Pink Posse. Again is episode 5 when she confronts Brian about her concerns when it comes to Justin. She is seen briefly in the last episode of the season.

Season 5

Season 5 is the season you see the least of Daphne, which most wish was not the case, considering it was the last season.

She is seen in episode 5 while babysitting with Justin... and once more in the season finale at Brian& Justin's rehearsal dinner, where she does not even speak to Justin.


  • Daphne is one of very few people on the show who are straight.
  • She lost her virginity to Justin Taylor.
  • She chose to act like a lesbian for a little while, because she wanted to be one of the cool people.

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