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Ethan Gold
First seen in:
You Say it's Your Birthday! I Couldn't Care Less!
Main actor:
Fabrizio Filippo

Ethan Gold was a secondary character who appeared on the US television series, Queer as Folk for the second and third seasons.

Ethan is an extremely talented violinist, and attends the same art school as Justin Taylor. Justin notices his unique ability at a recital he attends with Lindsay and Melanie on his birthday. Justin begins to like Ethan more than his then-boyfriend Brian, as Ethan is more romantic and affectionate than Brian. At the end of the second season, despite the fact that Brian throws an expensive party for the release of Justin and Michael's comic book, Justin dumps Brian and leaves with Ethan.

In the third season, Ethan and Justin are living together, and the majority of the characters believe Ethan is a better boyfriend for Justin, as he is closer to Justin's age and more demonstrative. Early in the third season, Ethan is offered a chance to work for a recording company. He initially refuses, as part of the deal is that Ethan cannot reveal he is homosexual, but he later accepts it after Brian tells him that "there's nothing noble about being poor." Ethan then has a concert out of town, which he doesn't want Justin to attend, but Justin goes anyway, and spots a fan flirting with Ethan. Ethan and the fan leave together, and Justin is suspicious. When Justin and Ethan are celebrating back home, the same fan shows up at their apartment with a bouquet of flowers, and it is revealed that Ethan had cheated on Justin. Justin then moves out, and eventually reunites with Brian. Ethan is never seen or heard from again.

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