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George Schickle is a wealthy older man, famed for his epnonymous pickle company, who meets Emmett while he is working as a performer on Ted's website, (season 2, episode 8) At first he is Emmett's secret admirer, sending him a Tiffany bracelet to his work, later sending a chaffeur driven car to bring Emmett to his mansion.

Thier first meeting is a disaster, after George offers Emmett money for sex, believing him to be a hustler. Offended, Emmett leaves hurridly. Some time later, George turns up at Emmett's apartment offering an apology, and the two become good friends and lovers.

After a series of disasters befall Lindsay and Melanie's wedding, George offers the use of his mansion and the two are happily married (season 2, episode 11)

On a trip to Europe, Emmett and George attempt to join the mile-high club, but George dies during the encounter, and Emmett has to accompany his body for the rest of the flight (season 2, episode 14)

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