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Justin decides to win Brian back and begins by interning at his agency; Ted is unhappy with Emmett being the breadwinner; Michael and Ben try to help a young hustler.


Gale Harold - Brian Kinney

Randy Harrison - Justin Taylor

Hal Sparks - Michael Novotny

Peter Paige - Emmett Honeycutt

Scott Lowell - Ted Schmidt

Thea Gill - Lindsay Peterson

Michelle Clunie - Melanie Marcus

Sharon Gless - Debbie Novotny

Supporting Cast:Edit

Harris Allan-James Montgomery

Stephanie Moore- Cynthia

Carlo Rota- Gardner Vance


Directed By: Bruce McDonald

Written By: Ron Cowen, Daniel Lipman & Efrem Seeger

Featured Music:Edit

  • Mr. Lonely- Deborah Cox (Jutsin looking for Brian at Babylon)
  • Lover's Spit- Broken Social Scene (Justin and Brian Make up/End credits)

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