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Jack Kinney is the father of Brian Kinney, one of the main characters in Queer As Folk (US). He is portrayed by Lawrence Dane.

Background Edit

Jack Kinney has a poor relationship with his son, Brian, mostly due to his problems with alcohol and the fact he used to beat Brian when he was particularly inebriated when Brian was a child. Brian chooses not to dislose his sexual orientation to his parents, because he states it is none of their business. Brian does not feel close to his father, even displays loathing for him often, but is shown to still crave his affection and praise. He gives his father money which his father presumably never pays back, and meets with him sporadically. Jack Kinney calls Brian 'Sonny Boy' which explains why Brian then goes on to call both Justin and his son Gus the same name when being affectionate.

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