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Rage portrayed by Adam Harrington

Rage is a gay fictional superhero in a comic book of the same name.

The character of Rage is created by Michael Novotny, a life-long comic book fan, and Justin Taylor, a young artist, in response to Michael's disappointment over the cancellation of his favorite comic book, Captain Astro. The character is based on an idealization of Brian Kinney, Michael's best friend and Justin's lover, and the story line is inspired by Justin's rage over his own experience as the victim of a vicious gay-bashing. Rage has a partner/sidekick named Zephyr, loosely based on Michael, and a younger lover named J.T., based on Justin.

Rage appears to have several powers, including greater than normal human strength and resilience, superhuman sexual stamina, martial arts training, psychically enhanced charisma and persuasiveness, and a mind-distortion ability that causes homophobic attackers to perceive each other as gay and to attack each other. He also has the ability to heal others' injuries through sex.

The comic book appears in Bowling for Equality of Queer as Folk.

Rage (26)

Rage at Babylon

Rage (30)

Rage at Babylon

A dramatization of characters is staged at club Babylon as part of the debut for the comic. The actors that played Rage and Zephyr wore costumes with over sized muscle suits. During the presentation they acted out the first scene in the Rage comic book where Rage saves a young boy.

Rage (7)

Rage portrayed by Adam Harrington

Rage (20)

Rage portrayed by Adam Harrington

In the final season the comic was considered for adaptation into a movie by an openly gay Hollywood producer. Rage was cast to be played by actor Connor James (portrayed by Adam Harrington). After a screen test of the Rage costume Connor went to show the suit to Justin. During their conversation the director came and told everyone the movie had been canceled.

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