"Sometimes, you get a good Thursday. Sometimes you get a bog-standard Thursday. Sometimes you get a shit Thursday. This Thursday was mental."
Vince Tyler (UK: Meeting People is Easy)

Thursday night at Manchester's Club Babylon used to be "80s night", but became 90s night at some point in 1999, which Vince Tyler said made him feel ancient. (UK: Meeting People is Easy) It was 70s night at Pittsburgh's Babylon, though Ted Schmidt noted the club was playing 80s songs which he remembered from his teenage years. (US: Premiere)

Thursday night was also the night when, in 1999, Nathan Maloney met Stuart Jones outside Babylon on Canal Street, and had sex with him at Stuart's flat; this was Nathan's first. Around the same time, Romey Sullivan gave birth to Alfred; as Stuart was the biological father, he and Nathan went to visit. (UK: Meeting People is Easy)

On a Thursday night[1] in Pittsburgh 2000, Justin Taylor had a similar experiences with Brian Kinney. Justin was brought to Brian's loft for a one-night stand, and witnessed the birth of Gus to Lindsay Peterson; he made the final decision on the baby's name. (US: Premiere) He later told Daphne that he and Brian "did it all night", until 6:00 the next morning. (US: Queer, There and Everywhere)

Footnotes Edit

  1. The following night, Michael is told he doesn't want to be "spending [his] Friday night babysitting." (US: Queer, There and Everywhere)

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