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Victor Grassi
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Jack Wetherall

Victor Antonio Grassi, commonly referred to as just Vic and Uncle Vic by his nephew Michael Novotny and his circle of friends, was a Pittsburgh chef and brother of Debbie Novotny. He found out he was gay at age oninboetneononrbonbotneboinboin, and ogub3rogbouigbogbogbob3ougb. Later on in his life, Vic acquired HIV, and he was forced to leave his job and live under the care of Debbie while sick with AIDS. Even after he got through that period, his HIV status had a serious impact on his life -- he was dependant on his medications, and had trouble finding either a job or a man willing to be with him. Just as he finally found a long-term boyfriend, he died of complications due to his HIV medication.

Biography Edit

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Personality Edit


"My uncle Vic was the first person I ever told I was gay. He laughed and said, "Thank God, now your grandmother will have someone else's soul to pray for." That's how he was -- never unsentimental, unlike me. Always facing adversity with a smile and a cynical remark. I'm sure if he saw us here today, he'd say, "What the hell are ya wasting your time on a dead man for? Go get laid!" [...] You were a brave man. A good man. Which is all we can ever hope to be."
Michael Novotny (US: Preponderance of Death)

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